The Top 5 reasons why SHELLAC® Brand is the only choice for nail colour:

1 14+ days of high-performance wear
2 Stunning crystal shine
3 Zero dry time
4 Amazing 5-minute removal
5 No nail damage

Founded in 1979, CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.) is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty Expect a superior service with the SHELLAC® Brand 14+ Day Nail Colour system. Featuring a Base Coat, Colour Coat and Top Coat. The SHELLAC® Brand system works together like no other to deliver two weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage*. The VINYLUX® Weekly Polish delivers week long wear. Choose from over 100 fashion-forward shades and reinvent yourself, weekly.
*When used as directed

Speedy Manicure

Nail soak, Cuticle tidy & Mask

with VINYLUX £18

CND Manicure

Scrub, Nail soak, Cuticle tidy, Massage & Mask

with VINYLUX      £25


 Fingers                £15

Toes                      £15

Fingers & Toes   £25      

Removal              £5

 Nail art available on request



Fingers               £8

Toes                    £8

Fingers & Toes  £15

What kind of week are you having?

A Rock Royalty kind of week

Speedy Pedicure 

Soak, Cuticle tidy & Mask

with VINYLUX  £20


CND Pedicure

Scrub, soak, Cuticle tidy, Massage & Mask

with VINYLUX       £28